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Connecting your line…

If you don’t know how you fit in…

How the numbering system works.

Connecting your line to these Essery/Esarey/Esrey/Esry lines

If there were no more leads off of the descendant lines that lead to you and your ancestor on the pages you just came from, we have not yet extended those lines towards the present on the website. But, in many cases Myra’s 1968 volume does in fact provide this and much more information. In a few cases the information is unknown to us. Where where we have carried the lines four or five levels towards the present, to carry this exercise even two more generations along all these lines on the website would be a monumental task.

However, descendants are invited to add information that can connect to here, either in the form of links to data displayed on genealogy sites elsewhere or as raw content. If you can connect to one of the people on this page and provide me their subsequent descendant information in something like the format used here (which must be submitted in a word processor file) I can create a link off of that ancestor and create a new page for your branch. Some photos, the older the better, and narrative text are also options, but in general I want to taper off posting detailed information during the early 1900s and will contain no information on living individuals.

The very specific goal here is to create a device to give you and the younger members of your descendant branch a device to connect the world and the people of the present, back through your closer ancestors, and into these earlier and more general roots. If you think you want to do this, please contact me.

If you don’t know how you fit in…

If you are following an Esarey/Esrey/Esry line back and do not know how or if you connect to these lines, please feel free to contact me directly, or at the Jonathon Davis Esarey Facebook page, with as much information as you have and I’ll try to help you. Please provide as much information (full names, birthdates, siblings’ names) as far back as you can. Alternately, you will soon be able to download a copy of the 1968 Esarey book by Myra Esarey Evans. As mentioned above, there is a great deal of information there that is not presented here.

How the numbering system works

John Essery is assigned the number one and his children given serial numbers based on birth order. Jonathon Davis Essery/Esarey is the third child of John and Hester, so his assigned number is 1-3. His descendants are 13 of the 45 grandchildren lines from John Essery and Hester Clark Essery. Those children are individually numbered as 1-3-#. Each person gets a unique number and comparing numbers shows the actual degree of relatedness. Thus 1-3-1-2 and 1-3-2-4 are first cousins. Their parents were siblings. Likewise 1-3-1-2 and 1-2-2-2 would be second cousins, because their parents were cousins and grandparents were siblings. Some people can have more than one number in the case of marriages between sufficiently distant cousins.

So, for example the author of this web site has the Esarey number of 1-3-6-5-9-3-2, which translates to:

John Essery 1744-1828

Jonathon Davis Essery/Esarey 1783-1858 (his third child)

Jesse Clark Esarey 1817-1869 (his sixth child)

Hiram Marcus Esarey 1847-1929 (his fifth child)

Eugene R. Esarey 1887-1951 (his ninth child)

Clark Esarey (his third child)

Duane Esarey (his second child)