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Jesse Esrey

son of John and Sarah Hester Clark Essery, whose family moved from Kentucky, to Indiana, to Illinois, to Missouri… and on to California

This branch of the family has a prominent place in the family history book because of a series of letters written primarily between Jesse and Hannah’s home in Ray County, Missouri and their children in “Gold Rush” California in the period between 1846 and the 1870s. The family is outlined here, with web links out to supporting data provided.

1-9 Jesse Essery/Esrey (1800-1855), mar. Hannah Forster (1798-1879)

CHILDREN 1-9-1 Elvira Esrey (1823-1865), mar. James Henry Shackelford (4 child.) 1-9-2 Amanda Esrey (1825-1906), mar. Daniel Rhodes (7 child. w/ 4 surviving childhood) Also see these external sources.

1-9-3 James Esrey (1826-1861, died for the Confederacy in the Civil War), mar. Sarah Rouse (0 child.), then Phoebe Blair (2 child.) For more on James and other brothers…


1-9-4 Justin Esrey (1827-~1900) 1-9-5 John Esrey (1828-1888), (11 ch. total, 7 with Sarah and 4 with Nancy))

  • m. (1) in 1849, Sarah Jane Stratton, (?-1864) dau of Bennett and Sarah Jane Stratton. Sarah died Galena, Nevada on the way to California in 1864
  • m. (2) in 1969 Nancy J. Buckley (1838-1927)
  • See John’s 1888 obituary from Millville, Shasta County, California

1-9-6 Thomas Esrey (1829-1862, died for Confederacy in the Civil War), mar. Sarah Ann Winsett (4 child.) 1-9-7 Jonathan Esrey (1831-?), mar. Sarah Ann Winsett (his brother’s widow – 4 more child.)


1-9-8 Niles Esrey (1835-1910), mar. Missouri Ann Stratton (7 child.)


1-9-9 Septer Patrick Esrey (1836-1900), mar. Mary Rosell, then Char. Jasper, then Frances Hill. (6 child.)

John Esrey

California Esarey-Related Images:

Daniel and Amanda Esrey Rhoads home, near Lemoore, California.

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