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wwFrom: John Esrey, Nevada Territory

To: Hannah Esrey ( Ray County, Missouri)

Date: December 25, 1864

Dear Mother —

God in His Providence has afflicted us and has broken the family circle. Jane my dear wife, died on the 21 st in great peace with God and all mankind, after 47 days of suffering. Dell and Mary have the same fever, but they are better now and able to sit up a little.

I had only $40 left when my family was stricken. I sent letters to Amanda and my brothers, Jonathan and Justin, telling of my need, but the letters lay at the Post office for two months before they were received. When they got them they sat up several hours that night to devise some plan to vet me over the winter.

Finally I received 3 letters stating the same thing that they would express me $100 in gold coin, by Wells Fargo Co. at Washoe City, Nevada Territory. The boys write me to come on over in the spring, which I intend to do.

I remain your affectionate son until death.

John Esrey.