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Lectures presented at the 2010 Reunion:

Duane Esarey “The History of Our History” A PPT presentation (8 MB)

General overview of Esarey/Esrey/Esry Family history from the perspective of the 19th century Perry County, Indiana, experience and the major 20th century efforts to preserve our overall history. (Be sure to download the PPT file before opening it so you get the associated text.)

Gary Essary “The Brothers Essery” Two files: PPT presentation (1.4 MB) and PDF paper (58k).

A close look at the genealogical connections of the earliest branchings and migrations of the family in America. A great overview of what we do and do not know.

Dan Esarey “Esrey – Rhoads Families of the 1800s” (PDF – 2.7 MB)

The story of the westerward migration of the Jesse Esrey branch of the family, with special focus on the Gold Rush era migration to California.

Sam Kaiser “James and John Esarey” Two files: John (PDF – 5 MB) and James (PPT – 3.5 MB)

A closer look at the historical experience of two of the family’s 18th century progenitors, with a special focus on military service. A colorful and extremely detail tale!